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Healthcare Technologies

With a focus on Healthcare domain, RAD365 Technologies, our Information Technology Consulting division, develops and delivers flexible and high-impact solutions aligned to client needs.

Our Team

We are a team of 20, with an average experience of 10 years in their respective functional domains that includes healthcare (teleradiology, process workflow and billing), hospitality, discrete manufacturing and retail. The senior members of the team has an experience of more than 25 years. Our team has the proven ability to provide targeted end-to-end solutions that create value in terms of constituting the required technology framework that supports the client’s business objectives. From conceiving and designing to developing and implementing solutions require us to work closely within and without. From the start, we have successfully fostered a culture of close-knit team work that has helped us in thinking creatively and solving problems proactively.

Core Strengths

In addition to master’s degree in computer science and applications or business administration, members of our talent pool have Microsoft Developer Certification and QAI certification in quality control.

The value of collaboration is our starting point. That entails treating our clients as partners. We begin by listening to their needs, challenges and perspectives, which enables us to brainstorm solutions and bounce them off our clients. Two-way communication and adapting flexible approaches are key to developing and delivering the appropriate solution at the client site. A critical element in our continuing partnership with our clients has been the support we provide during downtime.

We help clients to adopt solutions, which are optimized on the basis of company size and culture. Our detail-oriented communication and flexible approaches to addressing challenges makes us different. The support that we give at downtimes keeps us closer to our clients.

What makes us different?

Readiness to meet challenge

We understand our clients’ needs. Time to market and cost are among the challenges faced by small, medium and large enterprises. We address these challenges by building custom, open source and scalable applications for agility, reliability and cost-effectiveness and ensure timely delivery.

Superior consulting & advisory team

Support and knowledge transfer are critical to project success. Our domain experts are our most valuable resources, who provide support throughout the full life cycle.


We follow agile methodology in all of our product and project development. We deploy team members according to the requirements of different stages of a project. If required, we can easily scale the team working on a project.

Process transparency

Building a smart architecture to solve problems requires us to gain perspective of internal business processes. Clear communication in terms of various forms of inputs from clients can help facilitate better solutions and outcomes.

Layered approach & smart assessment

Applications developed in integrated modules enhance efficiency. From design to integration, our assessment team delivers the best solution using robust testing capabilities.


Health Technology Solutions

  • Agile
  • Customized
  • High Impact

Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance is an integral part of our production process from conceptualization, requirements analysis, software design, coding, code reviews, source code control/software configuration management, software testing, release management and product integration.

We define parameters to maintain conformance to explicitly state functional and performance requirements, documented standards, and implicit characteristics and these are designed to ensure quality from end user perspectives.

Quality assurance is organized into activities, goals, commitments, measurements, and verifications.

Key Objectives

  • Correctness – does it do what I want?
  • Efficiency – will it run at a desirable speed on my hardware to achieve the business objective?
  • Reliability – does it do it accurately under different conditions over a period of time?
  • Usability – is it designed for the end user?
We have a dedicated Software Quality Assurance (SQA) team, which offer a full spectrum of testing services for our projects and products. We also undertake software testing assignments for other large Software product developers in Healthcare domain. Our team has expertise in diverse testing types, including functional, performance, reliability and maintainability, enabling us to deliver genuinely comprehensive Software Quality Assurance service.

Testing Cycle for each assignment starts with creating a Test plan (in conjunction with project plan/ product release), allocation of resources, function wise test scripts, conduct Unit testing, Functional/ Integration Testing (Incremental, Regression).

We also conduct black-box concept-based system testing in the following ways:
  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Performance testing
  • Install/uninstall testing
  • Recovery testing
  • Security testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Portability testing
  • Device Display(responsive) testing

Technology & Tools

RAD365 Technologies makes use of appropriate technology platforms to build efficient and dynamic software applications that serve the present and changing needs of our clients.

We focus on developing scalable software applications using the Microsoft Technology (.NET), J2EE, PHP, and PYTHON. Below is a brief snapshot of our expertise in integrated technology platforms which we work upon:




IIS, Tomcat, Apache

Case/ Reverse Engineering Tools

Microsoft Vision

Middle-Tier / Framework



Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQL Lite, Postgress SQL, MS Access

Integrated Development Environment

Microsoft Visual Studio (WPF / WCF), Visual C++, Crystal Reports, Eclipse, Json Report.

Web Technologies

ASP, ASP.net, PHP, Java Script, VB Script, HTML, XHTML, AJAX, JQUERY, XML, CSS, SOAP Web Services, Web 2.0 Standards, WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, BOOTSTRAP, JQuery, Ajax, AngularJS, NodeJS.

Mobile Development

Android Studio, Google Maps, Firebase, Objective C, Swift, Xcode

Version Control

Team Foundation Server, Bit Bucket, Github

Data Analytics

Microsoft PowerBI, Qlikview

Our Solutions

Healthcare Service Boosters

RAD365 Technologies' customer-centric healthcare software solutions add dynamism to the organization by streamlining operations. Data synchronization is part of this process. It helps provide timely and cost-effective service to patients.
To facilitate correct assessment of future decision-making, a 360-degree visibility of running processes, including all the entity groups, is required.
Our personalized solutions ensure all check points are covered that will allow you to clearly weigh demand and supply parameters to make better informed decisions.

We offer solutions in the following areas:

Electronic patient health records

With the aid of this patient-centric app, healthcare providers offer patients with the flexibility to take control of their own healthcare records. Patients can share their records with their physicians and communicate directly.

Customer relationship management

Our CRM platform acts as a centralized technology component, which handles and distributes a number of radiology cases/studies among the workforce comprising Physicians, Imaging Centers and Radiologists. Through the automatic case assignment algorithm, users are able to access real-time repository of cases. The solution has an in-built data-driven analytics feature, which helps to track modality-wise performances of the Radiologists, Imaging Centers and the Physicians.

Healthcare operations management

The comprehensive set of solutions help to view all ongoing operations in an interconnected model. Access to medical, administrative, operational and financial reports in one place helps to keep an eye on the latest updates and make it easier to arrive at smart decisions.

Physician relationship management

This software helps healthcare providers to maintain a well-organized repository of physicians associated with the organization. It allows users to access a filtered list of physicians depending upon various parameters such as departments, specializations and years of experience.

Radiology image storage

Our robust picture archiving communication systems help provide reliable image storage facilities to our clients. Through our web-based platforms, users can access images anywhere at any time. Fast server configurations allow users to save a significant amount of time throughout the radiology workflow.

The benefits of our solutions are as follows:

  • Availability of customized array of data at a single place and treat patients with confidence.
  • Improved focus on patient care through seamless collaboration with different healthcare providers.
  • Effective collection and transmission of clinical data through different channels.
  • Achieve proper information flow across different medical departments specific to patient cases.
  • Access to mobile-based patient case management systems.
  • Optimized use of healthcare resources for better patient care and support

Image Analysis using AI

RAD365 has had a decade long experience providing Radiology Interpretation service to patients across the globe. The advent and rapid strides in areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning is helping create rules that benefit the radiologist in diagnosing. Our library containing more than million images makes our AI engine robust. Our AI engine classifies image in different buckets and generates an alert system for the radiologist doing the interpretation and reporting.

For developing the model for Machine Learning, we use Keras deep learning library and Tensor flow and python to build our CNN (Convolutional Neural Network).

The vision for RAD365 Technologies’ AI engine is to serve patients of Tuberculosis and Lung diseases, Brain Bleed and Lung Nodules (Cancer).

We offer this as a service to healthcare providers as well as a component of our Radiology picture archiving and communication system.

Analytics & Data Mining

Decision making drives business. Our data analytics solutions are custom built for businesses. If you want to focus on a specific functional module, our enterprise analytics solutions will help you redesign your existing information and arrive at smarter decisions for improved business outcomes.

Our analytical data logs allows you to take new approaches in your decision-making process and in the process gain valuable insights.

Key focus areas in Data Analytics

We focus on the healthcare industries to provide our business-oriented data analytics solutions.

In the competitive healthcare marketplace, an important task is to sift relevant data from irrelevant ones. This aspect assumes added significance when external data and information are continuously flowing into the organization and parts of it are turning obsolete on a continuous basis. Success lies in working out the right data.

Here are our solutions in various functional areas:
  • Healthcare revenue cycle management
  • Surgical analytics
  • Health insurance claims management
  • Medical compliance and regulatory report management
  • Clinical healthcare management
  • Historical patient records management
  • Performance monitoring of physical healthcare assets

The benefits of the above solutions are as follows:

  • Make effective plans for delivering quality health services
  • Get all unstructured data such as physician notes, study reports and bed occupancy statistics at one place
  • Access to the end to end operational model of the clinical practices to identify cost-effective opportunities
  • Real-time analysis of data coming out of the medical measuring devices
  • Effectively analyze different health indicators
  • Effective coordination links established between physicians, patients and health insurance service providers
  • Consistently improve your healthcare ROI
  • Performance monitoring of physical healthcare assets

Our Products

Radiology Workflow Manager

A comprehensive solution for all elemental users involved in the radiology workflow management service. It is an automation software designed to enhance radiology reporting services and thereby, cater to patient demands. It is highly scalable that aimed at case assignment, radiology reporting, performance management and billing. Integration with different PACS systems through their Application program interface is allowed and let users download as well as upload data into PACS from the system.


It is a patient-centric data repository product for storing scanned images in a centralized server for the radiologists to read and provide reports to their patients. This is a web-based self-service portal that enables patients to choose their appropriate service and seamlessly upload their diagnostic images to a centralized imaging repository. This results in improved patient experience with access to reports on multiple devices.

Peer Review – QA Portal

It is a quality assurance platform aimed at delivering optimum quality of patient case reports without any errors. It is for internal use of the radiologists associated with a particular healthcare provider. Through this portal, the cases read by specific radiologists are randomly assigned to senior and more experienced radiologists of the organization for review and their comments. As a result, organizations are able to efficiently minimize the discrepancies in patient reports and simultaneously assess the performance of radiologists.