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We started our journey 12 years ago as a back-office support operation for a full-service Teleradiology company. Today, we are an independent Tele-Healthcare solutions company, with 20 clients, 11 of who are based in United States, and over 100 employees. Our innovative blended approach that combines Teleradiology, Technology and increasingly Artificial Intelligence is leading us to expand our global footprint across North America, Europe and India.

Tele-Health Services

24 x 7 x 365 Coverage

Our best-in-class teleradiology and a broad range of Healthcare KPO services are making a difference to our clients’ businesse.

Quality Assurance

Healthcare Application

To deliver global standards of quality in terms of accuracy, reliability and fast turnaround, we have put in place a rigorous system of people, processes and systems.

HIPAA Compliant

Work Processes

Our systems and networks ensure patient’s privacy and security by safeguarding personal and medical information.

Artificial Intelligence

In Healthcare

Using Deep Learning, we are currently pursuing two projects. One is targeted toward Automated Radiology Workflow and the other toward Internet of Health.

Second Opinion

Value-Added Services

Our panel of UK- and US-certified radiologists can provide anytime second opinion to any hospital or patient.

Connected Health

Digital Healthcare

A Digital Healthcare platform that enhances the quality of care management for long term care.

What We Do

RAD365 Healthcare Solutions


Stable, Productive
and Creative

Solutions. Services.

Qualified radiologists, efficient workflow management, creative software and IT support professionals come together to provide best-in-class services. While technology supports what we offer in Teleradiology, it’s our trained people who are behind ensuring the service is world-class.

Why Teleradiology

By Erick L. Ridley, Auntminnie Stuff Writer

AI may facilitate personalized breast
cancer treatment

Artificial intelligence (AI) may create new opportunities to improve outcomes for breast cancer patients via treatments that can be adapted based on patient response, as well as targeted therapies based on radiomic and pathomic analysis, according to an article published online August 22 in the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences.
By Nick Kelenske

Quantitative Dynamic MRI Shows Promise for
Children with Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome

AI-powered technique may apply to wider population of respiratory ailments
A quantitative dynamic MRI (QdMRI) method shows promise for treating children with Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome (TIS), a rare, potentially lethal disease of the spine that prohibits the thorax from supporting normal breathing or lung growth, according to new Radiology research.

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