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Welcome to RAD365

RAD365 is a trusted global provider of best-in-class Healthcare Technology Services and Solutions comprising Teleradiology, Medical KPOs, Medical Transcription and Digital Healthcare products. Recognizing the unlimited potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare, we have recently started to develop and incorporate its applications to processes across our varied services that would benefit our clients. While technology drives what we create and deliver, it’s our purpose that defines who we are. It is to make a difference in the lives of patients, helping them live longer and healthier based on measurable value and outcomes and in compliance with regulatory obligations. And to succeed in our purpose, we ensure seamless coordination among our own team members across verticals, and between us and our clients.

Our Story

RAD365’s founder-president Dr Sanjib Pal became an entrepreneur by ‘accident’. When the partners of the telehealth company, where he previously worked as head of operations, decided to sell off and move on, he felt he owed it to the 12 employees of its Kolkata, India, branch that he helped set up.

In dealing with global healthcare clients in the United States in his earlier role, Sanjib was aware that the number of radiologists fell far short to deliver the best-in-class service to the increasing volume of patients who were undergoing radiology tests. Also, the fields of teleradiology and telehealth serving clients abroad were at a nascent stage in India. With connected technology and committed people ready to provide the highest standards of client experience, he knew he could make a difference to the physicians and patients. In less than a few months, RAD365 was born.

What started as a back-office support operation for a full-service teleradiology company 12 years ago in 2007, is today an independent healthcare technology company. With 11 clients based in USA itself, 9 clients in other countries and over 100 employees, RAD365 is on a path to expand its global footprint across North America and Europe. In offering high quality services and applicable software solutions for improved client outcomes, RAD365 has all along embraced a blended approach that today combines Teleradiology, Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Our steady expansion in our portfolio with Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications increasingly influencing our processes that would benefit our clients across various continents bears testimony to our efforts towards realizing what we’ve set out to achieve.

Our Journey

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Operations

We start by listening to our clients. And that has led RAD365 to evolve and thereby, expand its services and solutions, all tailored to clients’ needs. What started as Teleradiology services company is today a full-service healthcare technology and telehealth solutions company with long-term clients based in North America.

RAD365 is grouped under four verticals. These include Healthcare Solutions; Healthcare Technologies; Healthcare Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare Communications. While broadening our portfolio of offerings, we have all along remained committed to our core mantra of providing high quality client experience. For us that means creating and delivering reliable, accurate, fast, safe and sustainable services and products that make a critical difference to patient outcomes.

Our Clients

A majority of clients RAD365 serves are based in the United States. We have been working with:
  • Leading radiology outpatient centers for close to 12 years;
  • A well-respected mobile ultrasonography service provider for last eight years;
  • A leading teleradiology group for five years;
  • Quality Payment Program support to a leading Radiology Group in USA for last three years;
  • Revenue Cycle Management to a leading Radiology Group in USA for last six years
In addition to various Teleradiology services and solutions to the above-mentioned groups, we also continue to provide Healthcare Technology solutions to most of these radiology groups for the last four years. These include Healthcare Service Boosters, Smart DICOM, Radiology Workflow Manager, Data Analytics & Data mining solutions.