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With a focus on 24x7x365 teleradiology, medical knowledge process outsourcing and digital health RAD365 Telehealth Solutions offers services and products that meet the highest global standards in quality, adheres to the laws and regulations of the markets and is cost-effective.

Our Team

We are a team of five team leads, who are process managers with average experience of 15 years; 30 senior technical officers with average experience of 10 years; 45 middle level technical officers with average experience of eight years; and 15 technical assistants with average experience of four years. Team work is the basis of how we operate, where the team leads work closely alongside the other members. We encourage transparency, discussion and innovative thinking among all members of our team.

Core Strengths

Our qualified pool of talent is certified in Clinical Research with Master’s degrees in Science, Pharmacy, Computer Applications and Medical Transcription. Our strength lies in team work. It is the basis of how we operate, where the team leads work closely alongside other members.

What makes us different?

Effective Leadership

It starts with listening: listening to clients and internal team members. Technical qualifications and experience are a given, but it is a combination of qualities such as leading from the front, being self-aware—knowing your own limitations, empowering your team by encouraging transparency and open discussion, communicating effectively and supporting innovative thinking.

Global standards in knowledge and experience of various linked processes

Our people resources, working on client solutions and delivery of services in North America, are experts in their respective fields. They have extensive knowledge and proven track-record of ensuring seamless coordination and execution of various linked operational processes to positively influence client’s business objectives, ultimately impacting patient care.

Proactive approach to address challenges

We work closely with our clients to be aligned with their operations and business objectives. A collaborative approach ensures we receive ongoing feedback and constantly evaluate our processes. It helps us to anticipate problems that allow us to provide fixes to the problems, thereby eliminating or minimizing any disruption to the workflow. Such an approach helps in improving efficiency, reducing costs and delivering solutions on time.

Strict compliance with regulations

With established protocols in place, we secure strict compliance with regulations of the markets we operate in. In the US, we are HIPAA compliant and adhere to the various guidelines set by the FDA. We comply with the regulations by not just setting protocols but also ensuring that our leadership and operations personnel are constantly updated of all changes in existing rules and instruction of new ones.


Telehealth Solutions

  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Value-based

Teleradiology : Why RAD365?

Quality Assurance

We are in the business of life. We serve our clients to ensure patients live a long and healthy life and in critical cases, where it is a matter of saving their lives, our reports become crucial for patients and their physicians treating them. Providing teleradiology services of the highest quality, with continuous improvement in our functions, forms the very foundation of our business.

Servicing health providers, majority of which are based in North America, our tele-radiology team (radiologists and various support staff) at RAD365 is not only aware of but also keep themselves updated with the quality standards and regulatory obligations of the respective markets, working very closely with our clients. Our relationship with our clients is one of true partnership. This feature differentiates RAD365 and has gone a long way over the years of our operation to maintain quality assurance.

To deliver global quality standards and enhance quality on a continuous basis in terms of accuracy, reliability and fast turnaround, RAD365 has put in place a rigorous program consisting of people, processes and systems that meet the regulatory requirements of North America. We are, for example HIPAA compliant and we strictly follow the guidelines of FDA. The program consists of best in class medical technology, including the latest monitors, supported by a robust and round the clock IT infrastructure, availability of anytime anywhere American Board-certified radiologists with a majority of them having sub-specialty qualifications, both factors critical to ensuring efficiency in delivering fast and accurate reports. We have a review committee and review process in case of discrepancies and we work very closely with our clients on minimizing discrepancies, if any.

Our Services

Healthcare Services


The visuals below illustrate the full range of services that RAD365 offers as part of its Teleradiology offering - with coverage details pertaining to types of modality, types of study time coverage, types of read - and the robust framework of the same. While technology supports what we offer in Teleradiology, it’s our trained people who are behind ensuring the service is world-class.
RAD365 on a 24x7x365 operational platform, provides high-quality, accurate pre-read, final reads, preliminary reads and sub-speciality reads across modalities - X-ray/CT/MRI/USG/Nuclear Medicine/PET CT/ Mammography. Timely and Detail Diagnostic Reporting by RAD365 team ensures par excellence quality and reliability, that keeps our associates (hospitals and diagnostic centres) partnered with us year on year. Our preliminary reads are targeted at providing the brief diagnostic report within the emergency golden hour(s), to facilitate immediate treatment on part of the attending physician. Our preliminary reads are followed by detailed Final Reads within stipulated time frames for further assistance to the entire healthcare process.
Our excellent team of sub-specialists are experts in providing sub-specialty radiology reports of global standards in the fields of Musculoskeletal disorders, Neuro-radiology, Vascular disorders, Oncology, Gastro-Intestinal disorders, Chest related disorders, Women & Child related health issues, etc. RAD365 has a strong IT team along with best in line panel of radiologists, who with their on-time qualitative reporting ensure exceptional healthcare experience, both at the end of our clients as well as their patients. The effort on our part is solely targeted at continuous upscaling of patient healthcare experience.

3D Reconstructions

We offer clients 3D image processing support. Our software technology with computer vision algorithms allows us to reconstruct 3D images from 2D images of CT, MRI and ultrasound. With increasing demand for 3D images that allows doctors to view the object in various slices, our team of technologists and doctors ensure high quality processing of the images, with reduced cost and fast turnaround. We do keep ourselves updated of the latest 3D models that lead improving the quality of the images further in terms of sharpness and design algorithms.

PACS Support & IT Services

IT Services :
The IT team efficiently handles clients’ queries and optimizes the entire radiology workflow to attain fast turnaround times in report generation and delivery. Our state-of-the-art healthcare IT systems consist of high-end PACS and data archiving solutions to manage the teleradiology systems. Our experts also possess the detailed knowledge of HL7 integration and its implementation in different healthcare applications. We assist clients in their healthcare technology integration needs, enhancing efficiency and eliminating redundancies. We provide professional assistance to our clients to ensure seamless and trouble-free service.
  • - Our trained support professionals are available 24x7x365, minimizing inconveniences, if any, during peak and normal hours. We provide service online & over voice
  • - Our on-site security and power backup are available 24x7.
  • - Our trained IT support professionals key in and connect the relevant patient data with that of the medical record systems or the clinical information systems of client facility.
PACS Support:
We Implement and configure PACS & DICOM Modality both on-site and off-site location. We handle customers’ query over the phone and in person for PACS & DICOM-related support/query. We provide remote off-site support for PACS & DICOM troubleshooting and connectivity. We manage and train client/end user for using the PACS & DICOM platform. We maintain systems and security for the entire office and process including customer data. Our team of technicians test the fix of the issue, reported by the customer or internal QA team carried out by our development team, thoroughly on the parameters provided by the Engineering team. Following are the areas of testing covered as a process
  • - DICOM
  • - HL7
  • - Functionality Testing
We offer the following healthcare IT solutions for our clients:
  • - HIPAA compliant teleradiology report distribution platform
  • - Customized healthcare systems integration
  • - DICOM viewer
  • - Teleradiology invoicing software solution
  • - Radiology images distribution solutions
  • - Customized interface development for PACS

Healthcare KPO

Medical Transcription/ Proof-Reading

We offer end-to-end high-quality medical transcription solutions, a process of transcribing the voice recorded medical reports filed by physicians. Our regulatory-compliant platform with high end speech solutions, workflow management and electronic document delivery ensure accurate, timely and cost-effective services.

We provide proof reading as part of our medical transcription process. The medical transcriptionist proof reads clinical reports of a physician for any technical or spelling mistakes before approving it and sending to the hospital or diagnostic center.

Medical Billing & Coding

Our systems for medical billing and coding benefit health providers to save costs and time while providing best in class data security. Our medical coding professionals help ensure the codes are applied correctly during the medical billing process, which includes extracting the information from documentation, assigning the appropriate codes, and creating a claim to be paid by insurance carriers – which is what Medical Billing is all about.

Work-Flow Co-ordination (Online/Offline)

This is back office support where personnel will assign incoming cases to different physician depending on their availability and strength. This includes coordination between physicians and the hospital of imaging centers. WFC Online refers to process engagement where direct interaction with Physicians/Radiologists is involved on part of RAD365 and WFC Offline refers to the processes where there is NO direct interaction with the Physician/Radiologist by the RAD365 team, e.g. attachment of tech sheets, correction of studies, etc.

Our healthcare IT solutions are user-friendly and our experts have wide range of experience in the healthcare domain to guide through all the steps of the radiology workflow. Our Tele-Radiology support solutions include superior connectivity for seamless communication. In case you want to make changes to your workflow, we will set up the necessary technical infrastructure and will arrange the knowledge transfer sessions to ensure a successful outcome.

Quality Payment Program

We offer cross checking, verification and ensuring that the reports generated by medical institutes comply with the set regulatory standards and templates as part of QPP services. QPP is targeted at procurement of that percentage of the payment that has been denied by the insurance companies (Medicare and Medicaid) to the relevant healthcare provider offering service to patients on the first instance. Denial of payment arises due to inaccuracy in the report.

Pre-Authorization Process

We provide end to end, from initiation to approval, pre-authorization services. Our trained staff is equipped to process information of the physicians on the patient and communicate to the payer (Insurance, Medicaid) and do follow ups with the payer if necessary when denied approval by gathering more information from the health provider and the concerned physician. With our electronic platform in place we are able to streamline the processes, thereby saving money and time of the health provider.

Peer Review Process

We provide clients peer review portal and back office support to upload reports in portal and assign it to physicians by the policy defined by the company to review it.

Clinical Trial Process

Our imaging management modalities are customized to specific requirements of a clinical trial being undertaken. To ensure accuracy, we offer the best-in-class capabilities in image collection and viewing; image analysis (both qualitative and quantitative) and reporting, including adjudication; continuous monitoring; site qualification, reviewer training and ongoing personnel oversight; as well as quality assurance. Our proven electronic workflow management tool and clinical data management guarantees efficiency. True to our value of collaboration, we work closely with the sponsor of the study, who is in control throughout the process.

Template Compilation Process

Our team of technical officers are well-trained to handle the process of filling up a set template for any studies based on their modality (CT, MR, X-Ray, MG, and USG), available patient history and values provided by the medical assistants. This is done prior to physicians starting to report that particular study. He gets everything ready and just needs to make changes depending on the findings in the images.

Digital Healthcare Services


Anytime Radiology holds a prime importance in enhancing the quality of the imaging services. Our Second OPINION Radiology service assures complete patient satisfaction through accurate second reads by our experienced radiologists.
We offer Second OPINION in the following modalities-
  • - CT
  • - MRI
  • - X-Ray
  • - Mammography
  • - PET scan
  • - Nuclear Medicine
Features of our Anytime Radiology–Second OPINION service are:
  • - Free Registration
  • - Any hospital or patient can opt for a Second OPINION on any report.
  • - Panel of Radiologists to choose from:
    • American Board-Certified Subspecialty Radiologists
    • Fellow of the Royal College of Radiology,
    • UK Eminent panel of MD Radiologists,
    • INDIA Eminent panel of MD Radiologists
  • - Highly competitive rates
  • - Opinions & Interpretations-Reports are available in 24-48 hours.


This digital platform is aimed at enhancing the quality of care management, especially for those in long term care. It will help in collecting medical and the full range of health-related information of individual patients in a location and electronically transmit it to physicians, health providers and family members in another location and help assess and make recommendations. We ensure full privacy and safety of the information transmitted and stored. True to our value of collaboration, this framework connects all the stakeholders and contribute to improved quality of remote patient care, especially who have chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions.
Features of the digital solution include:
  • - BT-enabled device supported by wireless communications to measure physiological / vital parameters
  • - Data storage locally at patient’s site that interfaces between sensors and other cloud-based centralized
  • data centres and/or healthcare providers
  • - The software component helps to provide data real time and also provides alerts based on the analysis of collected data

SOS4Healthcare – mHealth App

We are in the process of developing mHealth App. It is targeted toward building up a seamless eco-system involving, Patients, Physicians, Care Giver and Diagnostic Centers that would enhance Patient Engagement, Convenience and Experience
Features of the mHealth App include :
  • - SOS4Doctors
  • - Medicinal Info Bank
  • - Doctor Consultation ONLINE & SECOND OPINION
  • - Lab Test Centres - X-RAY/ CT/ MRI / REST – Locate & Facilitate
  • - Health Record Management
  • - Predictive Analytics
  • - Health Assist
  • - Preventive Health Eco-System